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Redecorating your home can make it a much more comfortable and enjoyable place to spend time. However, if you have no experience of interior design, it can be difficult to know where to start. Our site contains content that can inspire you to try out bold and beautiful designs in your home. Whether you are looking to declutter your home and adopt a minimalist style, or you simply want to brighten the place up with a splash of paint, we can help you to bring your ideas to reality. Read our posts to find out everything you need to know.



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Inexpensive Tips for Achieving Luxurious Interior Design
14 July 2021

Have you ever perused an interior design magazine


Inexpensive Tips for Achieving Luxurious Interior Design

Have you ever perused an interior design magazine and thought the décors in the pages are unachievable with your budget? You are not alone since many people want a luxurious interior design for their homes, but a false perception curtails their dream. Notably, interior design experts agree that making your home's interior design feel luxurious should not be expensive. With a few tips, you can transform your house into a magazine cover–worthy masterpiece.   

Neutral Colour Options

Most homeowners think designing a luxe interior design starts and ends with adding physical objects to the space. However, you have to get the fundamentals right before adding anything to your house. For instance, you must choose the right colour, and a neutral palette is perfect since it makes an entire space look clean, crisp and classy. Neutral colours, such as cream and light brown, will make your room look more appealing by adding a touch of elegance to the walls and ceiling. In addition, you can contract the neutral background with gold and copper fittings and furnishings.

Raise Curtain Rail Close to the Ceiling

Another inexpensive trick to give your home a luxe interior design has to do with your windows. Windows are a critical part of interior design; hence, the dressing option you select determines their overall look. Ideally, interior designers advised homeowners to install curtain rails as close to the ceiling as possible. It adds height and size to windows, allowing you to use oversized curtain designs with ornate trims. Moreover, installing curtain rails high gives you enough space to use more than one ornate rod for a super sleek look. For example, you can use up to three curtain rods: one for the curtains, the second for the sheer, and the third as a decorative piece. The arrangement does not look as glam if you install the rods close to a window's edge.

Add More Light

If you look at the luxury houses in magazines, you will notice that the spaces are filled with light. It makes a room feel big and luxurious, particularly if complemented with neutral wall paint. However, adding more light does not mean that you should break the bank for that expensive chandelier you have been eyeing all season. Instead, simple designer light fixtures and scones are enough to add a glamorous feel to your home. A large ornate mirror also complements light fixtures since it reflects existing light throughout a space.

Reach out to a professional who provides luxury interior design services to get started.